Ford Performance FR3 Track Suspension Single Rear Shock - Service Part ('15-'18 Mustang GT, EcoBoost)


Model Number: M-18001-AS

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  • Single rear shock
  • Ford-calibrated
  • Significantly improves handling performance
  • Smooth, comfortable ride
  • Designed for lower Mustangs
  • Complements Ford Performance Lowering Springs
  • Sold individually
  • Not compatible with MagneRide Suspension
  • Fits 2015-2018 Ford Mustang GT and EcoBoost Models
The right pair of shocks can make all the difference when it comes to having a smooth and comfortable ride. If your Mustang GT has lost some of its bounce, it could be time to replace your rear shocks. The Ford Performance FR3 Track Suspension Single Rear Shock is a direct replacement for rear shocks in the FR3 Track Suspension system. They may also be installed in other suspension kits also. After installing two of these rear shocks, you can expect a significant improvement in your handling performance.
Each FR3 Track Suspension rear shock has been specifically calibrated by Ford Performance for your Mustang. This shock is designed for use with lowered Mustangs and it is the perfect complement for use with Ford Performance lowering springs.
You will need to have your Mustang’s alignment checked after installing FR3 Track Suspension rear shocks. Be advised that some factory fasteners are designed for one-time use. Refer to your service manual to determine if you will need to purchase new fasteners for this shock.
The Ford Performance FR3 Track Suspension Single Rear Shock service part fits 2015-2018 Ford Mustang GTs and EcoBoost models equipped with FR3 Track Suspension. Does not fit Models equipped with MagneRide Suspension. Each shock is sold individually.