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Ford Performance TPMS Sensors and Activation Tool Kit - 4 Wheels ('15-'18 Mustang - All Models)

Ford Performance TPMS Sensors and Activation Tool Kit - 4 Wheels ('15-'18 Mustang - All Models)

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Model Number: Ford Performance M-1180-B

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  • Eliminates inconvenient dash light
  • Easily switch between winter and summer rims
  • Includes 4 TPMS sensors and syncing tool
  • Genuine Ford Racing part no. M-1180-B
  • Designed for all 2015+ Mustangs
Your S550 Mustang's Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) alerts you when the pressure drops to an unsafe limit. This a great safety feature, but if you plan on upgrading to a new set of rims you will need to install a set of sensors in your new wheels, if not you will have an annoying dash light constantly reminding you that your sensors are missing. This Ford Racing TPMS Sensors and Activation Tool Kit makes it possible to install new sensors into your new rims and sync them to your cars computer - eliminating that annoying dash light.
The Ford Racing TPMS Transmitter is used to sync the new sensors to your cars computer after you have installed them onto your S550 Mustang. You simply point the transmitter at the wheel listen for the cars horn and move to the next tire - it is that easy.
This Ford Racing TPMS Kit comes complete for use on four wheels and includes 4 Stem-Mounted TPMS Sensors and 1 TPMS Transmitter Tool. This kit makes it easy to switch between your stock rims and aftermarket rims at will. The TPMS Transmitter Tool can be purchased separately if you already have your sensors.
When rotating tires that are equipped with TPMS sensors it is important to reuse the TPMS Transmitter Tool to recalibrate the sensors. By rotating your tires, you are changing the physical location of the sensors and your car's computer will need to update to be aware of this location change. Failure to do so will result in inaccurate and incorrect low tire pressure monitoring.